Living the light – Robby Müller

The Netherlands, Germany, 2018, 86 min.


Claire Pijman


Wide House


Robby Müller, Claire Pijman



Robby Müller is one of the few people in the world who knows how to play the sun. How to strike its beams like chords. The director Claire Pijman had access to the thousands of Müller’s Hi8 video diaries, pictures and polaroids. These images and intertwined with excerpts of his oeuvre, thus creating a fluid and cinematic continuum. Müller collaborated with Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch and Lars von Trier; his work has been compared to that of painters like Vermeer and Hopper, also masters of light. He has always created space for the human story to speak through the images. To come into the light. LIVING THE LIGHT is the story of that light.

2018 Venice IFF (Italy) – Official Selection
Gent IFF (Belgium)
Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) – Forum van de Regisseurs Section
Claire Pijman - 1

Claire Pijman

Born in 1965 in Den Helder. Graduated in cinematography from the Netherlands Film Academy in 1990. Since then has worked as a cinematographer on documentaries and fiction. A longtime friendship and apprenticeship with Robby Müller, one of her most important inspirators, started after she had operated one of the cameras on the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB by Wim Wenders. Made several documentaries, among them FOOT ON THE MOON and a short documentary about the filming of DANCER IN THE DARK by Lars von Trier.