Universum brdečka

Czech Republic, 2018, 84 min.


Miroslav Janek






Miroslav Janek


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LEMONADE JOE, THE MYSTERIOUS CASTLE IN THE CARPATHIANS, ADELE’S DINNER... These and other Czech hits are linked by one name: Jiří Brdečka (1917 – 1982). Screenwriter, author and illustrator, he worked with Jiří Trnka, Jan Werich and Oldřich Lipský and achieved international renown as a director of animated films. But what kind of person was he? Where did he seek inspiration? Where did he hide from the oppressive political regime, only to later show his timeless art to the world? Director Miroslav Janek introduces us to a miraculous world of oil paintings, graphics, watercolors, frescos and mosaics of the prominent Czech artist.

2018 Karlovy Vary IFF (Czech Republic)
Febiofest IFF (Slovakia)
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Miroslav Janek

Born in 1954 in Náchod, Czech Republic. Began as an amateur filmmaker. In 1980, he emigrated to USA where he worked with a number of renowned documentarists (e.g. Godfrey Reggio). Since returning to the Czech Republic in 1993, he has devoted himself to his own documentaries as a cameraman and director. His film about blind children with a camera, THE UNSEEN (1996) has won the most accolades, both at home and abroad. In recent times, his documentary films VIERKA (2005) and KHA-CHEE-PAE (2006) have won
prizes at several festivals.

Selected filmography

2016 Normal Autistic Film