As is their wont

Belarus, 2005, 20 min.


Halina Adamovich


National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”


Tatiana Loginova


National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”

The people in Paliessie have a custom of living a wealthy life in a big family, giving birth to children and bringing them up. The Slutsky family from Starina in Stolin district is a vivid example of all that. Ivan and Tatiana have twelve children, seven grandchildren, four cows, their own truck and a cucumber greenhouse, they own a plot of 17 hundred square meters. Lately they have celebrated the fifth wedding in the family.

Halina Adamovich - 1

Halina Adamovich

Documentary filmmaker, member of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers. Prize-winner of numerous international film festivals. Graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 1994 (documentary directing, workshop of Victor Dashuk). Since 1995 has been cooperating with the National Film Studio “Belarusfilm”.