Poland, 2017, 85 min.


Tomasz Wolski,
Anna Gawlita




Krakow Film Foundation


Tomasz Wolski


Kijora Films

For a musician with absolute pitch each performance in front of the audience is a lesson and an attempt to confront great predecessors. At the 12th International Music Festival “Chopin and his Europe” we look at artists during their preparations for performances. We become part of a rehearsal where musicians approach artistic perfection, enjoying each and every musical phrase they play. Performances, discussions, and preparations for the stage make up a unique portrait of the musicians' personalities. Each of them strives for perfection, but sometimes after the concert one can feel demi-succès, as Artur Rubinstein put it.

2017 Krakow IFF (Poland) – Competition
2018 Seeyousound IFF (Italy) – Competition
Beldocs IFF (Serbia) – Competition
Jecheon IMFF (South Korea) – Screening
Tomasz Wolski - 1

Tomasz Wolski

Born in 1977, graduated from the Jagiellonian University (Journalism) and the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. He worked as a director’s assistant on BORN DEAD (2004) by Jacek Bławut and as an editor of some Piotr Stasik’s and Anna Gawlita’s films. Among his documentaries are SILENCE, THE CLINIC, GOLDFISH, THE ACTORS, THE DOCTORS and FESTIVAL. He has won a number of festival awards, an Angers Premiers Plans IFF award for his short fiction film DAUGHTER (2015), among others.

Selected filmography

2017 Festival

2009 Actors

2008 Goldfish

2006 The Clinic

2004 Silence

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Anna Gawlita

A film producer (KIJORA) and production manager, founder of the Institute of Documentary Film Foundation, the Foundation Tensa Foundation, MUCK IN; producer and production manager for a number of Tomasz Wolski’s and Piotr Stasik’s films; a legal counsel. Now she has just finished an experimental documentary film OPERA ABOUT POLAND by Piotr Stasik and is working on the first feature fiction HURRAH! WE ARE STILL ALIVE by Agnieszka Polska. Also she is finishing her directorial debut, a documentary called KRZYŻOKI.

Selected filmography

2017 Festival