The band

Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2018, 80 min.


Ladislav Kaboš




Media Film, s. r. o.


Ivo Miko


Media Film, Kabos Film & Media

This creative cinematographic story chronicles the birth of the Gypsy Band “Lomnické Čháve” in difficult social circumstances of a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. It is a powerful story of hope and desire, full of emotions, electrifying Roma music and kind humor. A group of outsiders has a great dream: to play their music on a big stage and show the “white gadjos” that they too have talent. They want to get out of poverty and begin a life of dignity. We follow their journey to a prestigious international music festival, where they get a chance to show their musical abilities. How will they use their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

2018 Cinematik IFF in Piešťany (Slovakia) – In the House Section
Pohoda Festival (Slovakia)
Warsaw IFF (Poland) – Documentary Competition
Ladislav Kaboš - 1

Ladislav Kaboš

Born in 1953 in Prešov. A Slovak director. Finished his studies at FAMU in 1980, in the same year made his debut with the film CHILDREN LOOKING AT US (second prize in Varna in 1981). After his social documentaries STARINA and CARNIVAL IN SEBECHLEBY, the communist government prohibited him
to work on his further project because of the critical point of view of his films. After the Velvet Revolution founded his own company Media Film. Works on documentaries and films for Czech and Slovak TVs. His films have received many awards.