Svetlana Chernikova
A film about memory and love. Fisherman Sergei escapes from his humdrum existence on the empty shores of Lake Onega – where he meets with the ghost of his beloved wife.
Mikhail Zhdanovsky
Every day
Anatol Kuznetsov, an Orthodox artist, is holding his service in Kurapaty every day. He is tidying the territory and renewing the crosses. He has found the meaning of life in painting icons on the stones.
Artavazd Peleshyan
The film is dedicated to the inhabitants of the planet and the protection of animals and birds.
Arkady Ruderman
Good bye to the USSR
At the beginning of the 90s more and more people are leaving their home country. What and whom do they leave behind?
Halina Adamovich
As is their wont
The people in Paliessie have a custom of living a wealthy life in a big family, giving birth to children and bringing them up. The Slutsky family from Starina in Stolin district is a vivid example of all that.
Sergei Petrovsky
The wheel
The film is about a woman’s fate. Nina Kuzmiankova has spent her whole life earning a living by making pottery.
Victor Asliuk
We’re living on the edge
“We are living on the edge”, says a simple peasant woman from Dubna, a village in Hrodna region. These words sound symbolic: the village is situated on the steep bank of the Neman, and the river keep

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