Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander,  Tamir Elterman
Muhi − generally temporary
For the past seven years Muhi, a brave and spirited boy from Gaza, has been living in an Israeli hospital, the only home he has ever known. Caught between two homes and two peoples, Muhi is unable to return to Gaza
Talal Derki
Of fathers and sons
Talal Derki returns to his homeland where he gains the trust of a radical Islamist family, sharing their daily life for over two years. His camera focuses on Osama and his younger brother Ayman, providing an extrem
Katarzyna Dąbkowska-Kułacz
A sky without stars
It is a story of the love between a father who has almost lost his sight and his seven-year-old son who has become his guide. Robert teaches Gabe about life and the skills he'll need in the future. Despite the affl