FAQ. National Film School Competition

1 What is the National Film School Competition?

This is a competition for documentaries created by students during their studies at film schools. The competition accepts films made during the last two academic years at a film school, and graduate theses as well.

2 So, only a film school can apply for participation?

No, the application can be submitted by the author of the film. Just fill out the form.

3 Can I apply, if my film did not participate in other film festivals and did not win prizes?

Yes, of course. But there is a caveat: if you are from Belarus, the film you submit should not first participate in other Belarusian film festivals and should not be screened in cinemas and on TV. Participation in the MIFF "Listapad" competitions involves the national premiere of the film. It means that for the first time the film must be publicly screened in Belarus on the MIFF "Listapad".

4 What if my movie is posted on YouTube or social networks?

Unfortunately, it can’t participate in the National Film Schools Competition.

5 In other words, if my student film has already participated in foreign film festivals, but has not participated in Belarusian ones and has not been screened and posted online, then it can take part in the National Film Schools Competition.

That’s right, if it is a documentary made during last two years.

6 My film is a documentary, but it has fiction scenes, animation, and I'm experimenting with video art. Can I submit it?

Yes, of course. We accept documentary films of all genres, from pure documentary to animadoc and docufiction. We welcome experimental works and films at the intersection of genres and forms. If your film meets the requirements of our regulations (see the answers above), it can participate in the competition.

7 I am a student and make films, but I study at another college, not in a film school. Can I apply?

Unfortunately, no. If you are from Belarus, try to apply to the National Competition.

8 I have long been out of college age, but now I am getting a new education, retraining as a filmmaker at the faculty of retraining. Can I apply?

Yes, if your film meets the regulations.

9 And if I study in a non-governmental film school, can my film participate?

Yes, if it meets the regulations.

10 What reward can I win?

In the National Film Schools Competition you can win the Best Film Award and several diplomas of the international jury. At the 27th MIFF "Listapad" we have a new award for the Best Film School Programme.

11 Why should I participate in the National Film Schools Competition?

You’ll watch some good documentaries, meet your colleagues, share your experience, learn how documentaries are made in film schools all over the world, show your film to professionals and get feedback from them. For three days of the competition we invite all the film authors and their mentors. You’ll definitely find like-minded people, colleagues and collaborators to work with in big cinema. Good luck!