FAQ. National Competition

1 What is the National competition?

The National competition is one of the programs of MIFF Listapad, its main goal is to make Belarusian cinema a part of the global context. It is a way for Belarusian filmmakers to show their movies to the broader audience and get an evaluation from high-level professionals.

2 Why is the National competition a separate program if the works by Belarusian authors can enter other competitions as well?

We would like to support Belarusian filmmakers as there isn’t a well-developed film industry in Belarus, as well as to introduce the directors to the World festival movement. Many international film festivals hold National competitions, and we think it would be right for us, too.

3 I live in Belarus. I’m interested in cinema but I don’t have a degree. Can I submit my film for the National competition?

Yes, if all the other conditions are met. The authors of the film should send the necessary documents to the Directorate of the festival. You could look up a full list of the documents that should be submitted in the “Regulations” tab.

4 I’m Belarusian but I live in… and have the corresponding citizenship. Can I participate in the National competition?

Yes, if your film in any way shows your Belarusian identity.

5 My film is neither in Russian nor in Belarusian. Can I still participate in the National competition?

A film in any language can participate in the National competition if the Belarusian identity of the director is represented in the film.

6 Can short films be submitted for participation in the competition?

Yes. Films that fall into one of the following categories can be submitted regardless of their length:
- feature film
- documentary film
- animation

7 Can I apply for participation with a film shot 5 years ago?

No, only films made in the last 1,5 years are allowed to participate in any MIFF Listapad program.

8 Who evaluates the films in the National competition?

The Jury of the National competition is formed according to the same principle that is used while forming the juries of other festival programs. We invite professionals from different spheres (directors, producers, actors, critics, scriptwriters, distributors and representatives of international film festivals) from all over the world.