In order to work at Minsk IFF "Listapad" venues, media representatives have to get an accreditation.

Press accreditation is available to journalists, film critics and film scholars who regularly appear in print media, blogs, online media, on the radio and on TV.

The accreditation badge:

  • grants admission to film screenings (by appointment);

  • permits access to and participation in festival events (meetings with filmmakers, lectures, master classes, discussions, Industrial platform events);

  • grants permission to ask for comments and hold exclusive interviews with festival guests.

Still, the accreditation badge does not:

  • guarantee obtaining an Opening or Closing ceremony invitation card;

  • grant admission to evening film sessions at the main festival venues;

  • grant any right to interview guests who do not want to or cannot talk to the press.

To get accredited to the 27th Minsk IFF "Listapad" fill out an application in BelarusianRussian or English.

Journalists who have never covered the festival before are invited to present a rough outline of their future publications. If an applicant needs to attach files confirming their experience of working at the festival in previous years, they are invited to send them in a separate letter to with "Accreditation.Your first and last name” in the subject field.

Applications with incorrect answers to obligatory questions are not considered by the press centre. We will e-mail the applicants on their results.

In case of accreditation related questions, please contact us at

Each media category has a maximum accreditation quota, which is:

  • for print and online media - 2 people (journalist and photographer);

  • for news agencies - 2 people;

  • for radio companies  - 1 person per project;

  • for TV companies - 3 people per project;

  • for blogs (4000+ subscribers) - 1 person.

If accredited, please note:

You can get an accreditation badge at the press conference, during which the film festival programme will be announced. We will inform you on the conference date in advance. As well, you can receive your badge at the press center, Falcon Club from November 6, 2019.

Representatives of one media agency can receive only one badge;

Violation of the rules for working at festival venues, in the auditorium or during festival events may result in suspending your media agency’s accreditation;

In case of replacement of a journalist, please inform the press centre, advanced notice is always appreciated.