Press-conference for the XIX Minsk IFF “Listapad” held in the Centralnyi Cinema

The press-conference for the XIX Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” was held on October, 23 in the Centralnyi Cinema.

The participants of the press-conference were:

Svetlana Shitikova, Deputy Director of the Cinema Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus,

Sergei Medvedev, Deputy Head of Department of Culture of Minsk City Executive Committee,

Vasili Koktysh, Director General of the UE “Kinovideoprokat”,

Anzhelika Krashevskaya, Director of the Minsk International Film Festival ‘Listapad’,

Irina Demianova, Program Director of the documentary film,

Igor Sukmanov, Program Director of Children and Youth Festival “Listapadzik”,

Veronika Yanushevskaya-Oltushets, director of opening and closing ceremonies of the Minsk International Film Festival ‘Listapad’.

- This is indeed a remarkable event in the sphere of cinematography in Belarus, - said Svetlana Shitikova. – Traditionally, the festival includes 5 competition sections. Over 40 countries will present their film works at the festival. Among them are such countries as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the USA, Korea and others. Over 150 guests from all around the world are invited to the event. They are the members of the jury, famous film directors, heads of unions of cinematographers from former soviet republics. Together with “Listapad” we are celebrating the 20-year jubilee of the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers. For the first time is the opening film “In the Fog” by Sergei Loznica to be shown in two cinemas simultaneously: in the October Cinema (for the general public) and in the Palace of the Republic (for the guests of the festival). This year special attention is paid to the national cinematography which is further accentuated by the programmes of documental and live action films “Belarusian Panorama”. Over 180 works will be presented to the audience within the framework of the festival. I’ll put it bold, never before has “Listapad” been of such a great scale!

  The film festival “Listapad” offers a unique opportunity for the citizens of Minsk to watch quality film produce, that’s why Vasili Koktysh recommended buying tickets in advance: “Films to be presented within the framework of the festival will be available for the general public only during “Listapad”. Those willing to watch “In the Fog” can already buy tickets and soon they will be able to buy tickets for other films in box offices as well”.

  Veronika Yanushevskaya-Oltushets, director of opening and closing ceremonies of Minsk International Film Festival ‘Listapad’ didn’t unveil all the secrets, but told the reporters that the hosts of the opening ceremony would be an actress Ekaterina Strizhenova and a director and screenwriter Sergei Kartier. The surprise for everyone would be the performance by Gosha Kutsenko and his group.

   Igor Sukmanov shared with the audience that this year it is intended that the Children and Youth Festival “Listapadzik” would move to a new level, that’s why the in-competition programme would comprise live action films aimed not at children only, but at the whole family as well.

  13 works were included on the list for the competition of live action films. They are the masterpieces of the contemporary cinema production from the former soviet republics. Igor Sukmanov stressed that “these are the countries which were thrown out of wide film distribution after getting independence, but cinematography is developing there”. There are no geographic boundaries for participants in the competition of promising films “Youth on the March”. Films from Columbia, Brazil, France, Czech Republic and many other countries will be presented here.

  We would like to remind that “Listapad” film festival will take place from November 2 till November 9, 2012. The last day will be marked by the grand screening of the film “Amour” (Love) by Michael Haneke who won the Golden Palm at Cannes.