«My Own Honour Bright» won Grand-Prix at «Listapadzik»

The closing ceremony of Children and Youth Festival “Listapadzik” took place on November, 6 in the Pioner Cinema. 9 films, 9 countries and 761 minutes of wonderful impression. The time to choose the best works has come. According to Alexander Lenkin, a member of the jury and a Belarusian film director and animator, the programme of "Listapadzik" turned out to be very serious and interesting.

–  You know, each film arouse great emotions among the jury, - Alexander Lenkin shared his impressions from the stage. - I would like thank those who compiled the programme and to the wonderful audience. Without your presence, breath, applause we wouldn't have been able to judge the works presented objectively. The time to announce winner has come!
And Grand-Prix is awarded to... "My Own Honour Bright" by Alexandr Karpilovsky.

The producer of the film Vladimir Esinov couldn't believe his luck as the work also reaped two more important awards - "Golden Listapadzik" and "Best Adult Role in a Children's Film". Incidentally, "Golden Listapadzik" is awarded in accordance with the voting on part of the spectators present, who are no less picky and demanding than the professional jury.

– It's much harder to make a children's film than some other one. Children are very observant and one shall not lie and colour the truth as they will spot everything at once. Anyway, since I got this many prizes I just have to make one more film and come back to your festival! - Alexander Karpilovsky cheered.
  The CEO of "Kinovideoprokat" came onto the stage and promised:
– I will now engage the producer of the film and we will screen "My Own Honour Bright" in all cinemas of Minsk.
 This is how "Listapadzik" came to an end. Having made friends with more young spectators it promised to come back next year and on leaving it said: "Love cinema with us".

Text by Mikhail Matievsky

Photo by Viktoriya Gerasimova