Producer Dragomir Keranov presented the film "My Mate Manchester United" within the framework of Documentary Film Competition at "Listapad"

«My Mate Manchester United» runs about a dream come true. The film familiarizes the audience with a Bulgarian worker named after Machester United and with his friends.

The story begins in Svischov, a town situated on the bank of the Dunai river, with the fight to be allowed to be called after the beloved football team , it then takes the spectator together with the main character to Old Traffold and shows the realization of his dream - a meeting with his idol Dimitar Berbatov. And while Manchester is writing the fateful letter to Emil Danchev asking for a meeting, there's a portrait of the contemporary Bulgaria vividly displayed on the screen, Bulgaria with its soviet past and capitalistic present. Devotion to his favourite football club and the wonderful dream become the only way for the main character to stay alive in the time of stagnation.

His imaginary world represents the only refuge for him and those disappointed in their life and foreseen future. In their reality their peers speak the way their parents used to "At least we hope our children would live in a better world, while we'll just try to make it through.."

Dragomir Keranov, producer:

-  Manchester's friends repeatedly tried to make him write this letter, and one day he finally did that. Emil Danchev turned out to be a very open person, he understood that it's important and meet halfway. Shooting at Old Traffold cost us much. And Manchester's reaction, when Emil agreed to meet with Dimitar, is natural. He's not an actor, he wouldn't have been able to play it this well. This was indeed of a grave importance to him.

Now he still lives in Bulgaria and is a builder. He has got used to his name Machester United and still loves his favourite football team.


Text by Mariya Erema

Photo by Anna Soroka