A scriptwriter and film director Hans Weingartner presented the film "Hut in the Woods" at IFF "Listapad"

The screening of the film "Hut in the Woods" by Hans Weingartner took place at "Listapad" within the out of competition programme of feature films.

A mathematician Martin is set free from the mental clinic with great expectations and a hope for a better life. But the society doesn't need a "defective" person - and Martin ends up homeless. The only one who understands him is a 10 year old boy Viktor who is set to go to an orphanage. They build a hut in the woods and learn to live without any restrictions, which are part and parcel of any society and which is something they broke free from. However, freedom isn't always connected with unclouded happiness.  Is such a life nothing but madness or a necessity? Free will or a result of dulled consciousness of an individual? Such questions are put forward in the film.

This is how he managed to create a deeply personal story about the escape from civilization.

Martin is portrayed to be perceived as a madman by the society, he is told that his friend Viktor is nothing but a hallucination. But Martin refuses to believe in that and finds his friend anew. There's no straightforward reply in the film to the question whether the boy really existed, the spectator has to decide for himself. The film director made the following comments on this issue:

And added:

After the screening the audience didn't want to let the fiilm director go. Everyone who didn't manage to raise questions earlier came up for him to talk in person, ask for an autograph or to take a picture.

Text by Mariya Erema