Sergei Loznitsa presented his film "In the Fog"

         The film is a video adaptation of the eponymous novel by Vasili Bykov. Moreover, he film director did his utmost to stick to the original literarary work.

         The opening film gathered full house in the Dom Kino Cinema and many spectators had to take additional chairs or do with seating on the stairs.

         Film critics compate the film with such works as "Ivan's Childhood" by A. Tarkovsky and "Go and Look" by E. Klimov. Common spectators see how the true identities of common people are unveiled in a complicated and even desperate situation.

         The film has a difficult story. The script was written 10 years ago, and during all these 10 years Sergei Loznitsa was striving to find money to finance the work.

         In the ended the film around great interest in such countries as Germany (by the way, according to the film director, they invested around 50% of the budget which is 2 mln 100 hundred euros), Latvia, Belarus, Russia and the Netherlands.

          Actors who headed the cast also came to present the film together wih the film director. Vladimir Svirski who played Suschenya - the main character of the film - said that it took 2 months to rehearse for the shooting:

         Incidentally, there's no music in the film. The director believes that it's much easier for a spectator to immerse into the atmosphere of the film this way, immerse into the mood, feelings of the main characters. Probably this did take place since a huge number of questions were raised by the audience after the screening.

         Text by Nadezhda Yushkevich