Keti Machavariani presented the film "Salt White"

The film is presented within the framework of "Forum of 15: Films Across Borders" programme.

Keti (Ketevan) Machavariani is the scriptwriter and director of the work. The film with an open end runs about a woman who works much to save enough money to open her own bar in the native town, about a homeless girl who dreams about a salt beach, about a silent policeman... The film makes one think that work and routine is just a part of our life. It's vital to understand that and do something so that one would be able to dream and aspire. This is why "Salt White" has an open end:

- When i was working on the script I was trying to do it in such a way so that the spectator would be able to understand that it's a film about hope. Working 24/7 we constantly forget that apart from money we dream about more important issues.

\The mail role is played not by an actress but by a female artist who performed very emotionally and naturally. If we take the story about the second heroine - a homeless girl - one would be able to say that it has much in common with the real situation. The girl doesn't have a mother either.

After the screening many spectators wanted to ask their own questions. Some were surprised at the fact that even though Georgia is a sunny country, it is displayed pretty gloomily in the film.

- I shoot the Georgia, - the film director explains, - that is more to my own liking. I did shoot everything in dull colours but this is all because of my personal attitude. 

In reality these grey tones express the feelings of the main characters of the film to the full. Judging from the way the audience reacted to the film, the film directed managed to make herself heard. And this is of prime importance because this is the first work by Keti Machavariani.

Text by Nadezhda Yushkevich