Belarusian KinoArt

It's a pleasure not only to look at other contestants at "Listapad" but to show what you are worthy of as well. Within the framework of "Belarusian panorama" the presentation of diploma- and courseworks of the students of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts is to take place in the Dom Kino Cinema. Four talanted students got an opportunity to watch their own works on the large screen. Four short-length films: different genres, different styles, individual approach.

A four-year student Sergei Lebedev launched the programme. His film "Cheating" runs about a lad who found out about infidelity on part of his girlfriend. Being deeply hurt he starts to receive orders to trace and take pictures of other people's unfaithful partners. But when his best friend's bride becomes one of his victims he doesn't know what to do.

Sergei Lebedev told that it took around 8 months to make the film. A quater of this time was allocated to make the script, even though the film is based on real events. The young director confessed that he would be very happy to try working on a feature film. Though, in some other genre and style and, of course, having analyzed the mistakes he had made.

Incidentally, the actors who played the leading roles wholeheartedly thanked the film director for working together. Now they are in love and happy together.

Adel Mohaghegh from Iran has always been fascinated by the Slavic culture. He started learning the Russian language while still being at home. Nowadays he is a student of the Academy of Arts. His film "Leaving Time" continued the programme. It is a strange film, based on the images adopted from Andrey Tarkovsky's diaries and polaroids. He puts special emphasis on the attitude of the master to his family. Adel said he wasn't scared to work under an almost sacred person in cinematography. According to him he is truly amazed by the works of this film director and is a great fan of his genius.

Alexandra Butor presented her film "Seraphima". The film director said that the story is based on one chapter from the book by Ray Bradbury called "Dandelion Wine". The idea was adopted and altered. The famous Belarusian actress Tamara Mironova is heading the cast in the film.

Alexandra Butor confessed that "Seraphima" has already played an important role in her career. Thanks to this work she was recognized and offered a job at Belarusfilm. It's likely that we be able to see her next work in a cinema soon.

The programme was closed by the film "Solitude" on the eponymous short story by Guy de Maupassant. Philosophical discussions and thoughful monologues led by the characters made up by the French author reproduced by the contemporary lads sound a bit strange. The film director Dmitry Dedok said that the theme of the film is a very personal one. Having read the literary work by Guy de Maupassant he understood that many views suggested in the book coincide with his own ones. This is how he arrived at the idea to create this film.

After the screening and discussion a short master-class was delivered by Rick Vermeulen - a member of the international festival academy. The Hollander confessed that the Belarusian cinematography is still a mystery for him and his colleagues. However, according to him, the more interesting it is then to find out more about the country.

Rick Vermeulen praised the works presented by the Belarusian students. The films by Alexandra Butor and Dmitry Dedok won a high appraisal. According to Mr. Vermeulen, these films can already compete in the main competition section of many European film festivals.

The specialist noted that it's very imporant to take part in international film forums. Both to promote the film itself - as it will be appreciated and perceived differently in different country - and to boost the personal growth of the film director.

 International festivals is a wonderful opportunity for a film director to get acquainted with producers and other people working in the film industry in order to advance and be able to sell oneself at a higher price. And awards won at festivals is a great chance to make the state pay attention to you "Hey! Look at my work!"

Rick Vermeulen admits that it's always hard to begin, however, one has to do that. If the film director is ambitions, he needs to keep on trying to contact people working at festivals. They are interested as well as their main task is to find eligible films for their programs.

Rick advices them to keep on sending their works. There are over five thousand film competitions in the world. And everyone has a good chance of finding his audience and niche.

Text by Kristina Tikhonova