Berlinale: 3 hours to opening ceremony

Berlinale-2013 opening ceremony is to start in few hours. While the viewers, jurors and participants are waiting for the festival to start we are talking to the Listapad IFF program director Igor Soukmanov who has already managed to see some films. 

Igor Soukmanov:

The ceremony hasn’t taken place yet but the festival is already running at a full tilt. The journalists are attending press-screenings, producers and festival directors are cutting deals. I’ve already got plenty of discs, invitations and outlets in my bag. And it’s just the first day – and it’s nothing but an entree to the festival.  Tonight I will attend the ceremony and will watch a new action by Wong Kar-wai. And between the meetings I managed to watch to movies within the Forum program - Fynbos and The Plague.

The first one is interesting thanks to numerous landscapes of South Africa where a real estrangement drama takes place. And the second film which seems to be a feature in fact shows the life of provincial Catalonia where farmers are loosing the harvest because of unprecedented hit and locals suffer ills together with emigrants from Moldova and Philippines. The film is presented as a feature but in fact there’s nothing fictitious there.