Svetlana Proskurina works on the new work together with Vasily Sigarev

The work on the new film by Russian director Svetlana Proskurina is going on at Mosfilm Cinema Concern. The working title of the movie is «Heart Failure».

The scriptwriter is Russian director Vasily Sigarev. Svetlana Proskurina speaks highly of this cooperation.  

-I work with Vasily Sigarev, our scriptwriter, for the first time. He’s notable for his powerful particular understanding of the world. I’m always looking forward to his new works and the moments when he wants to talk about something. I wonder where the measure of his fearlessness is, if it has the end or it will keep on growing. The first impulse to our cooperation was in his feeling and the second one was his gorgeous feeling for language. I’m talking about his energy, about freshness of his words. I read it and haven’t managed to get rid of the rhythm of these words.   

Let’s remind you that last year Vasily Sigarev got the award for “Best Director” at Minsk IFF Listapad for the movie “Living” presented within the main competition. And the movie “The Truce” contended for the main prize of Minsk IFF in 2010.