“Moskva” Cinema Theater becomes the new platform for MIFF Listapad

For the first time in festival’s history “Moskva” will participate in the Festival. Opening and closing ceremonies will take place in “Moskva”. So far, there will be no screenings in this cinema theater.

“Moskva” is one of the most spacious cinema theaters in Minsk. It was open in 1980 and became the first widescreen cinema in Minsk. After the renovation, the cinema is ready to host 700 guests, participants and viewers of the Festival for the opening and closing ceremonies. Earlier they have been held in The Palace of the Republic.



Screenings will take place at the traditional platforms. Cinema lovers in Minsk already know that for Main Feature Films Competition one should go to “Tsentralny” cinema, and if it’s already too late, he or she can still see the film in “Dom Kino”. To see the documentaries at the festival one should visit “Mir” cinema. “Pioneer” cinema hosts Children and Youth Films Competition “Lisatapadzik”. Retrospectives are held in “Pobeda” cinema. Out-of-competition programs are screened in “Pobeda”, “Pioneer” and “Dom Kino”. 

Photo: realt.onliner.by