The film “I Won’t Come Back” by Ilmar Raag will become an opening film at the 21st Minsk International Festival “Listapad”

The film of Estonian director Ilmar Raag co-produced by film studios in Russia, Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Finland will open Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad-2014”.

Belarusian spectator has come across Ilmar Raag works earlier: in 2008 his sensational “The Class” was acknowledged as the best full-length film at “Listapadzik”, in 2012 the movie “An Estonian Lady In Paris” participated in a feature competition.

Critics compare the movie with the works of Alex Balabanov, who is an exemplar of the Estonian director.


The film “I Won’t Come Back” is based on the story of 23-year-old postgraduate Anna ( Polina Pushkaruk). Anna was grown up in the orphanage. Being lovely and smart she teaches literature at University, and nothing seems to bring changes to her life. But suddenly everything turns upside down when the girl was accused of drug dealing by mistake. Anna takes advantage of her young appearance, pretends to be a teenager and returns to the children distribution center where she meets Kristina ( Viktoria Lobacheva). Together Anna and Kristina run away, the first girl runs from false accusation and the second one – from the orphanage to her grandmother who lives in Kazakhstan. For Anna this way will become a beginning of a new life.

The producer of the film is Sergey Selyanov. The script was written by Oleg Gaze with a co-author Yaroslava Pulinavich, who is a student of theatre classic Nikolay Koliada. She is known as “a beam of light in the dark kingdom of new drama”.

According to Igor Sukmanov, the director of the feature programs MIFF “Listapad-2014”, the opening film was chosen not by chance. “First, this film is a co-production of the CIS countries and the Baltic States, and it’s the exact film area our festival focuses on, - says Igor Sukmanov. – Second, Belarus has direct relevance to this project. Studio “Belarusfilm” serves as a shooting partner. And finally, “I Won’t Come Back” is wonderful evidence of the fact that the author cinema gets on well with the genre cinema, in this case with melodrama”.

The film has just won a special jury mention from the Nora Ephron Prize’s jury at the Tribaca Film Festival in New-York, moreover the film was awarded a prize “For Professional Achievements” at the International Film Festival “The Mirror” named after Andrei Tarkovski in Russia.