Valery Todorovsky will head the jury of Main Feature Film Competition

The jury composing of 5 people will judge Main Feature Film Competition at XXI MIFF “Listapad”. Famous Russian producer, screenwriter and director Valery Todorovsky will head the International Jury of cinematographers.


Valery Todorovsky produced 15 feature films and over 60 television projects, and directed 9 movies. Each of his works has always become an event in cinematographic and social life.

Films by Valery Todorovsky were included in the Minsk film festival competition program 4 times. Among them are “The Lover”, “My Stepbrother Frankenstein”, “The Country of Deaf”, “Katya Ismailova”. It’s a peculiar record of “Listapad”. But this record was overcome by Kira Muratova, her films became nominees for Listapad Gold Award 5 times. The Listapad Grand-Prix was given to Valery Todorovsky for his outstanding film “The Country of Deaf”. The other movies were awarded special prizes.

Valery Todorovsky also directed such popular movies as a musical dramedy cult film “Hipsters” (Stilyagi) and youth thriller “Vice” (Tiski).

In 2013 the film of Valery Todorovsky's producer studio “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away” (directed by Alexander Veledinsky) was a success in Minsk. The shooting of the famous film “Chagall-Malevich” (directed by Alexander Mitta) took place in Belarus.

Valery Todorovsky was a producer of such films and TV projects as “Brigada” TV series, adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov's novel “The Master and Margarita”, and the “Ottepel” TV project.