Presentation of National Film Foundation of Russian Federation takes place during the 21st International Film Festival “Listapad”

On the 8th of November the delegation of National Film Foundation of Russian Federation (Gosfilmofond of Russia) and the representatives of the 21st International Film Festival “Listapad” are to sign a long-term cooperation agreement.

The visit schedule includes a concert-presentation on the work of National Film Foundation with participation of Russian people's artist Aleksey Petrenko and such honored artists as Svetlana Svetlichnaya , Timofei Fyodorov , Anna Frolovtseva and film and theatre actors Natalia Gromushkina , Sergei Baryshev , Yekaterina Koryasheva . The concert is on the 8th of November at 5 p.m. in “Dom kino”. The tickets are already available for sale.

The Russian delegation will comprise Deputy Director General of the Gosfilmofond of Russia Larisa Andreyeva and head of the special projects department Andrei Bychkov .

Before signing the agreement for attention of press representatives an opening of exhibition, dedicated to the work of Gosfilmofond of Russia, and press conference take place at 4 p.m. After signing the agreement the concert-presentation is to be held.

Films from the collection of National Film Foundation of Russia are presented in the retrospective screenings at the Venice and Berlin Film Festivals, the Moscow Film Festival, the film festival in Tokyo and many other international film forums. Out of competition program includes such classical Belarusian films from the collection of Russian Federation as “Sasha” by director Alexandra Khokhlova and “In a Big City” by Mark Donskoi and Mikhail Averbakh. Cooperation with the Gosfilmofond of Russia will promote the preservation of the common cultural space and diversify the program of the Listapad Film Festival in the future.

Photo © Maksim Marmur