What will be the New Films by Slaboshpytskiy, Amirpour and Chazelle

We have collected some news on what will be the new films of the directors-participants of Listapad-2014

 («The Tribe») will introduce in the film market of the Berlin Film festival the project of the film “Luxembourg” about Chernobyl today and the lives of the people who are still living in the Chernobyl zone.



 («A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night») is working on “The Bad Batch” – a tough and brutal, but at the same time romantic “story of a cannibal who breaks the main rule: not to play with food”. Amirpour was inspired by the classical pieces “El Topo” by Alejandro Jodorowsky and “Wild at Heart” by David Linch. In «The Bad Batch» they promise a great techno soundtrack.


 («Whiplash») continues to shoot about music and dreamers. In the film “La La Land” a charismatic jazz pianist (Milles Teller, star of “Whiplash”) will fall in love with a young actress (Emma Watson) in Los-Angeles. Soon the couple will understand that it is extremely difficult to balance between the feelings and art in the City of Angels. The composer Justin Hurwitz (“Whiplash”) will write music for “La La Land”.

Photos: www.cinemotionlab.comwww.indiewire.com,