22nd MIFF "Listapad" will bring pleasure to the viewers eyes

The 22nd Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad" will be held from November 6 till November 13, 2015 under the slogan "Eye of Pleasure".

"In the best films the main meanings are hidden not only in the dialogs, but also and chiefly in the mise en scenes of the image, the play of light and shadow, the dramaturgy of color or in the editing. The ability to SEE the film, unveil its mysteries through the graphic nuances and details, the willingness to enjoy the syntax and punctuation of the language the film uses to create its own unique melody - that's where true pleasure lies. Eye of pleasure".

Igor Soukmanov, feature film program director of MIFF "Listapad"

The inspiration for the choice of the slogan was a book by a prominent French director François Truffaut "Le plaisir des yeux" ("Eye of  Pleasure" in the English version), for whom image and pleasure were inseverably connected.  

The meaning hidden in the slogan is also reflected in the new poster of the film festival. The blue background symbolises the screen and also the sky and cosmos. The twos (this year's festival is the 22nd edition of MIFF "Listapad") put in rows create an illusion of movement and make the poster look like a stereo image that attracts the viewer's attention. The poster was as usual designed by Аlexandr Kamenets.

The poster and the slogan of the festival change every year. Last year we all together exclaimed "What a variety of movies!", the year before the audience was looking for the truth in films - In kino veritas.