23rd MIFF "Listapad" will be held from November 4 to November 11, 2016 under the slogan "Towards Inspiration".


Every year MIFF “Listapad”, the most prestigious and large-scale cinematographic event in Belarus, announces its visual design and slogan. A year ago the audience enjoyed the “Eye of Pleasure”, earlier they were amazed at “What a Variety of Movies!” and looked for the truth with the motto "In kino veritas".

"Cinema is motion; it is always an adventurous trip into the world of the unexperienced and the unperceived. Comprehending our history, human relations, contradictions and the beauty of life, an artist is full of inspiration, he as if moves towards it. While watching a movie we open ourselves  to this feeling and wait eagerly for a chance to experience it; we dive deep into the atmosphere of the film and follow its plot. In other words, the authors and the audience are moving towards each other in their search for inspiration. Inspiration makes them team-mates, provokes communication, virtual intimacy and contact. This is one of the main goals of cinema. This is what we want to remind you of with our slogan", – the feature film program director of MIFF "Listapad" Igor Soukmanov explains.

The surrealistic figure on the screen is the embodiment of this interaction and movement. Referring to the characters of René Magritte’s works, the poster offers a variety of interpretations. The idea of the slogan is reflected in the design: it shows the viewer moving into the screen and the author who comes into life to find inspiration for his work.

Alexander Kamenetz, an artist, has been a permanent MIFF “Listapad” poster designer for the last six years.