The movie “Petersburg. Only for Love”, seven stories directed by seven Russian women, will become an opening movie of the 23rd MIFF “Listapad”. This anthology film was one of the most expected premieres of the year, it tells the audience not about a fantastic city from the post cards, but about real, live and vivid St. Petersburg. Its famous cast, imperial architecture of “the city of white nights” and unexpected twists of the plot will watch the audience on November, 4 in the cinema “Moscow” in Minsk.

Petersburg-Selfie-Litvinova-Shoot-4.jpgShot from the film “Petersburg. Only for Love” (short film “Joseph’s Dreams”) 

The world premiere of the movie “Petersburg. Only Love” took place on the 27th ORFF “KINOTAVR”. This unique project brought together seven brilliant women’s voices, an anthology film begins with Renata Litvinova's (“The Goddess: How I Fell in Love”, “Rita's Last Fairy Tale”) poetic story about Joseph Brodsky's dream.

Anna Parmas with cordiality and humour showed us the life of a lonely woman Tanya pregnant with a girl. This short film is the debut of the film-director and scriptwriter well-known for her music videos for the band “Leningrad”.

The third short film in this anthology is “The Morning” by Oksana Bychkova (“Piter FM”). This is the story about a poet who “meets his muse” onn an early autumn morning.

Petersburg-Selfie-Gog-Shoot-1.jpgShot from the film “Petersburg. Only for Love” (short film “Selfie”) 

A young woman Margo, the main character of the short film “Selfie” came to the "Nothern Venice" to part with her life by jumping from a roof in “the most beautiful city in the world”. The story about an unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide was created by the youngest director of this anthology film Axinya Gog.

Natalya Kudryashova, the winner of the award of the Feature Film Competition "Youth on the March” of the 22nd MIFF “Listapad” (“Pioneer Heroes”), directed a fantastic story about the wonders on the famous Anichkov Bridge, experienced by a tour guide from St. Petersburg Marina.

“Just a Concert” by Natalya Nazarova is the sixth short story of the anthology film. Its main character Olga is an average woman who has typical domestic problems: she is late with paying her rent, her hair dryer is broken and she does not have a fancy dress she really needs tonight to visit a boy choir concert in the Capella where her son Valya performs in the second line.

Petersburg-Selfie-Smirnova-Shoot-5.jpgShot from the film “Petersburg. Only Love” (short film “Walking the Dog”)

The last story of the anthology film is “Walking the Dog” by Avdotya Smirnova. This is a lyrical comedy about searching for that special someone and the steps women take to find Him – they date, create profiles on dating sites and even turn to the local shaman.