A Georgian film director Zaza Urushadze will head the jury of the feature film competition of MIFF “Listapad” in 2016.


Zaza Urushadze is a Georgian director, screenwriter and producer. He graduated from the Film Department of the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. In 2001 he took part in the creation of the Georgian National Cinema Centre and became its first director. In 2015 Zaza Urushadze became a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA).

There are five movies in Zaza Urushadze's filmography. They are “Them, left by ancestors” (1989) (a short story from the anthology film “Mixture without prescription”), “Hear Comes The Dawn” (1989), “Three Houses” (2008), “The Guardian” (2012), “Tangerines” (2013). In 2012 the movie “The Guardian” participated in the main feature film competition of the Minsk festival and Mikhail Meskhi who had played the role of Nika was given the “Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role”. The latest Zaza Urushadze's movie “The Tangerines” got the “Best director” award at Warsaw Film Festival and was nominated for the Golden Globe and Academy Award in 2015 as “The Best Foreign Language Film”.

Films created by Zaza Urushadze tell us about the people who have to deal with the situations they are not able to handle and about those who have to make a decision whether to lose their humanity or not. For example, the film “Tangerines” that made the director famous deals with the problem of Abkhaz-Georgian war and is called “an anthem for humanity”.The film will be shown in the out-of-competition program of the 23rd MIFF "Listapad". Zaza Urushadze will personally present his film to the Minsk audience.

The program of the main feature film competition includes movies shot in the former communist countries, such as members of the CIS, Central and South East Asian countries, Baltic States, countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The expert jury of filmmakers, top-level representatives of the world film industry will evaluate the movies.