For the fifth time representatives of world national film schools are going to compete for 23d MIFF “Listapad” awards. This year you will admire works of young directors from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Israel and from DOC NОMANDS International film school, which offers courses in Portugal, Belgium and Hungary to students from all over the world. The screenings will take place on November 5-7 at the MIFF “Listapad” main venue for documentaries - “Mir” cinema.

holot1.jpgScreenshot from “Holot”

The National film schools competition has been held since 2012. Since then more than fifty pictures have been presented in Minsk. All of them were shot by students and graduates of higher educational establishments of France, Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Russia, Poland, Estonia and Belarus.

Originally the competition was designed as a great workshop, where students can get to know each other, discuss their works and meet experts. It stands to reasons, because it’s always interesting to learn about the educational process accepted in other film schools, topics depicted by your peers, or graduates’ creative path. The festival provides a unique opportunity to establish friendly and professional relations that are sure to be of use in the future. In the framework of the Competition meetings with teaching staff are held, where everyone interested in entering and studying at film schools can learn more about the requirements and discuss possible joint projects.

The upcoming “Listopad” festival carries on the traditions, that's why the program of National film schools competition includes works of emerging directors, that touch upon a wide range of topics and deal with a variety of story lines. Viewers are going to watch a musical based on a life story of a “modern Édith Piaf” from Strasbourg, vivid Israeli stories about genuine friendship and hardships of African refugees; visual and poetic speculation on human-fauna relations, pinching memories of home and family abandoned because of Donbass military actions and lots more.

Traditionally on the participants list you can find mentees of the leading documentary film makers, whose pictures have been exhibited in the framework of “Listapad” competition and out-of-competition programs many a time. We have already seen the works of Marina Razbezhkina’s, Aleksandr Sokurov's, Boris Karadzev’s and Gelena Treshtikova’s students. This year Minsk can watch films created by alumni of Sergey Bukovsky’s school, a Ukrainian director, Taras Shevchenko National Prize winner, who has not only presented his own pictures, but has also been on the jury in Minsk.

The following film schools are to participate in the 23d MIFF “Listapad”:

• Sergey Bukovsky documentary school

• Kyiv national film school of K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University

• Moscow new cinema school

• DOС NOMADS International film school

• SAPIR Israel film school

• Belarusian State Academy of Arts