Awards of the International Film Critics Jury of the 23nd MIFF "Listapad"


Listapad Silver Award for Art as Phenomenon

Mimosas (Morocco, Spain, France, Qatar), director Oliver Laxe

Diploma For creation of a space odyssey within the confines of a family

Sieranevada (Romania, France, Bosniaand Herzegovina, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia), director Cristi Puiu

Tristan Priimägi, jury member:

Both "Mimosas" and "Sieranevada" work by association, rather than definition. They see the world the same way, but as if looking through the different ends of the spyglass - "Sieranevada" magnifies the reality so much that we start to see the connecting universe inside it. The world within ourselves. "Mimosas", on the contrary, takes the broadest, metaphysical look at the world(s), and reveals the true essence of humanity through a journey. Through generalization to specification. Macrocosm and microcosm. In the end, they're both about love. Two very different artistic visions, reminding us that true art is a tool of imagination, never to be fully explained.