Awards of the National Competition of the 24th MIFF "Listapad"


Best Belarusian Feature Film Award 

NEXT DAY (Belarus), director ─ Yulia Shatun

Best Belarusian Documentary Film Award 

AROUND BELARUS BY BICYCLES WITH MOTORS (Belarus), director ─ Boris Nikolaychik

Best Belarusian Animated Film Award 

AND THE MOON STANDS STILL (Belarus, Germany, USA), director ─ Yulia Ruditskaya  


  1. ANNIVERSARY (Belarus), director ─  Arseny Ilyinykh

  2. LOST POETRY (Belarus, Poland), director ─ Ilya Bozhko

  3. THE HEARTH (Belarus), director ─ Yury Timofeev  

  4. NANNY’S FAIRY TALES (Belarus), director ─ Elena Petkevich

  5. TOSHKA AND HIS FRIENDS. STORY ONE. “TOSHKA AND HIS BRAVE DEED” (Belarus), director ─ Alexander Lenkin