The first month of 2018 “Listapad. Collection” will be held under the sign of Michael Haneke! In January, the project will show three of his films – “The Piano Teacher” (2001), “Amour” (2012) and the new one – “Happy End” (2017). The program of the month also includes the French comedy “C'est la Vie!” from the directors of “The Intouchables”; the best directorial debut of the Cannes Film Festival “Montparnasse Bienvenue"; three-time nominee for the approaching “Golden Globe”, “Call Me By Your Name”; the triumphant of this year’s Berlinale “On Body and Soul” and a film about the life of one of the most outstanding artists of the twentieth century – Alberto Giacometti – “The Final Portrait”.

2.jpgA shot from the film “Montparnasse Bienvenue"

On the very first day of 2018, the movie “C’est la Vie!” will be released in Minsk. A holiday in a castle near Paris seems to be perfect: excellent manager, professional musicians, experienced waiters, elaborate program. What could go wrong? Everything! The movie was directed by French directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, famous for their film “The Intouchables” about friendship between aristocrat Philip and the cheeky guy Driss. “C'est la Vie” will be screened at the Pioneer cinema from 1st to 14th February, and at the Faclon Club Cinema Boutique from 4 to 17 January.

Also from 4 to 17 January “Montparnasse Bienvenue” by Léonor Sérraille will be shown at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. This is the story of a young girl, Paula, who returns to Paris having no penny in her pocket, broken-hearted, accompanied by her beloved cat tries to start life from a scratch. The movie was selected to participate in the "Un Certain Regard» section of this years' Cannes Film Festival, and the director – Léonor Sérraille – was awarded the “Golden Camera” for the best debut feature film.

One of the most sensational films of the year – “Call me by your name” by Italian director Luca Guadagnino will be screened in Minsk from 25 to 28 January at the “Centralny”, “Belarus”, “Pioneer” cinema theatres and from 25 to 30 January at the Faclon Club Cinema Boutique. It’s a story of a seventeen-year-old boy Elio, who spends summer in the countryside with his parents: American professor and Italian translator.One fine day, however, the serenity of summer holidays was disturbed by the arrival of Oliver – a young American scientist, Elio’s father the assistant. It is predicted that this film will have great festival life – before seven Oscar nominations it also received three “Golden Globe” nominations, by the way, its award ceremony will take place on January 7th.

3.jpgA shot from the film “Call me by your name”

In January “Listapad. Collection” will once again show the romantic melodrama of the Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi “On Body and Soul”, received 4 awards at the Berlin Film Festival this year, including The Golden Bear and the FIPRESCI Prize. This film is about two colleagues – a modest Mária and a sociable, but lonely Endre. Both lead a reserved way of life and avoid contact with each other. Suddenly they find out that every night they have the same dreams. Soon after Endre and Mária will be involved in the whirlwind of comic and even shocking events... The screenings will be take place from 11 to 24 January at the “Pioneer” cinema.

Also from 11 to 24 January, at Falcon Club Boutique Cinema Minsk residents will see the film The Final Portrait" directed by American actor Stanley Tucci (“Terminal”, “Hunger Games”, “Spotlight”), who won two Golden Globes. Paris early 60's, the painter Alberto Giacometti is surrounded by the recognition of colleagues, the attraction of a lover and the jealousy of his wife. Dying about his income and tired of predictable life, the he finds peace in the company of James Lord – a critic, who poses to him. The main roles are performed by Armie Hammer (“Social Network”, “The Man from U.N.C.L.E“), who also plays one of the main roles in “Call Me by Your Name” and Geoffrey Rush (“The King‘s Speech”, “The Best Offer”).

“Listapad. Collection” in the first month of the year will show at once three works of one of the most significant directors of our time  – Michael Haneke. The last film of the director –  “Happy End”  – marks the program. "Everything around us: the world and we are blind," – that’s how Michael Haneke characterizes our time. The mirror of the era in this story is a large prosperous bourgeois family. They forgot what sensitiveness, sincere feelings are. Those few who are still somehow able to show their emotions, thirteen-year-old Eva (Fantine Harduin) and her grandfather Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant). For the rest such intemperance is not forgiven. Lives of other people and the world crisis are just a white noise for them. This film participated in this year's out of competition program of MIFF “Listapad” and was nominated for the “Palme d’Or. It will be released from January 25th at the “Centralny” cinema and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique and also from February 1st at the “Pioneer” cinema.

happyend800.jpgA shot from the film “Call me by your name”

From 11 to 17 January at the “Pioneer” cinema and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique for the first time in Minsk one of the best films of the director – “The Piano Teacher” – will be screened. The main character Erika is a professor at the Vienna Conservatory. She teaches wonderful music of Schubert to young people, but being a monster of modern civilization herself, she is terribly far from the harmony of heavenly spheres. She is deprived of any resemblance of personal life, and keeps a set of sadomasochistic instruments under her bed. When one of her students falls in love with her, she shocks him and the viewer with completely wild reactions to the youthful feeling. Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Benoît Magimel and Annie Girardot. In 2001, when the film was released, it won three awards at the Cannes Film Festival: the “Grand Prix”, the “Best Actress” and the “Best Actor”.

At the end of January “Listapad. Collection” will show another film by Michael Haneke “Amour” (2012). This is a delicate, sensual movie about an elderly couple and each other’s feelings in the twilight of their lives. This film deeply impressed not only respectful critics, but also ordinary spectators around the world. "Amour" received a huge number of awards at the world film festivals, including the “Oscar” and the “Palme d’Or”. The movie will be screened at the “Pioneer” cinema and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique, but only for one week - from 18 to 24 January.