Love is in the air – “Everyone’s life” in “Listapad. Collection”

On the eve of the most romantic day in the year the project “Listapad. Collection” will present the optimistic melodrama of the Oscar-winning French director Claude Lelouch “Everyone's life”. You may see these lyrical stories and sketches on the topic of life adventures by main romantic of French cinema from 8 to 18 February at the “Centralny” cinema and from 14 to 28 February at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

In a small country town of Beaune which is full of jazz mood, annual music festival takes place. 12 men and 12 women continue living their lives not noticing anything around. They fall in love, flirt, make dates, cheat on each other, get divorced and propose to their beloved. Judges, aristocrats, celebrities and charlatans, prostitutes, doctors, nurses, artists and policemen –  though they don’t know each other, they will all meet and decide the fate of someone else.

French director, script writer, cameraman and actor Claude Lelouch became famous in 1966 when his film “A Man and a Woman” won Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival, BAFTA award and two Oscars, including the one for the Best Foreign Language Film.

In “Everyone's life” Claude Lelouch captivates the viewer with the spontaneity of the present moments: “Each character presents us with a situation that elicits feelings. The film gathers those feelings, those moments of life, those moments of separation, moments that can tear it all apart but also build something, and the actors infuse those moments with humanity…Film is set in the present. And more than anything, I want to protect this present, so that people believe what I’m about to show them”.

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Famous actors took part in this film: Jean Dujardin (“99 Francs”, “The Artist”, “The Wolf of Wall Street”), Johnny Hallyday (“Crime Spree”), Nadia Fares (“The Crimson Rivers”), Julie Ferrier J(“Micmacs”), Christopher Lambert (“Subway”).

For Johnny Hallyday, who played one of the leading  roles, “Everyone's life” became the last film –  famous  French rock singer, composer and actor passed away at  the age of 75 on the night of December 5-6, 2017.  Claude Lelouch did his best to make “French Elvis  Presley” show all the facets of his talent.

That’s what ScreenDaily wrote about new film of the  director: “Lelouch is such a fearless storyteller and so  good at juggling expectations that he can keep recycling  his old tricks in ways that elicit respect amid the groans”. 

“Listapad. Collection” invites Minskers to the “Pioneer”  cinema and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique for a  romantic mood!