Only for three days at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique the Belarusian audience can see the comedy biopic “The Disaster Artist” directed by James Franco. The film based on the autobiography of Greg Sestero, the co-author and best friend of Tommy Wiseau. The movie was nominated for Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, and James Franco was awarded with the Golden Globe and Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Actor. The film will be on screens from 16 to 18 March.

4ac619a05f913d669ceea791b2fdebb3eac6b868.jpgA shot from the film “The Disaster Artist”

Greg dreams about being an actor and attends the drama courses. There he meets the charismatic and a bit weird man named Tommy Wiseau. United with a passionate wish to make their own movies, two friends move to Los Angeles hoping to win the Hollywood. There begins their crazy and weird way to create “The Room”, cult movie, that many years later became notorious as one of the worst movies in the human history.

The basis of the film is the real story of the creation of “The Room” and the biography of its director Tommy Wiseau. Based on the disastrous film “The Room” (2003) the book of the same name was written. In 2013 Greg Sestero tried to tell what’s going on in the “The Room” in his book, and in 2015 James Franco and Seth Rogen became the producers of “The Disaster Artist” and started the shooting of the movie.

Unlike its source of inspiration “The Disaster Artist” received only the enthusiastic reviews from the film critics. James Franco was awarded with the Golden Globe for the role of Tommy Wiseau, and the screenplay was nominated for Oscar.