A truly moving picture is waiting for the residents of Minsk in the project "Listapad. Collection" in March – the film "The Florida Project" directed by Sean Baker. The main "adult" role in the movie was played by Willem Dafoe, who received nominations for the Golden Globe, the British Academy Award and the Oscar. "The Florida Project" – the triumphant of «Directors' Fortnight " at the Cannes Film Festival – is a bright, piercing ode to childhood and an incredibly funny story for all who were once a child. The movie will be on screens from 8 to 21 March at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique, where will be a special screening on March 7, and from 15 to 17 March in "Centralniy" cinema.

2.jpgA shot from the film "The Florida Project"

This summer Mooney (Brooklyn Prince) and her friends won’t forget. Overflowed with energy and disregard for adults, every day they rush through the magical world of one-storied America on the outskirts of Disneyland. Only parents or strict supervisor Bobby (Willem Dafoe) can stand in the way of their adventures.

The director of the film is Sean Baker, the author of six full-length films, the repeated participant of the independent Sundance Film Festival. His low budget film "Tangerine ", which was shot three years ago, made a sensation and received excellent reviews from critics (97% positive reviews at RottenTomatoes), not only because of the unusual plot, but also technical innovation – the film is completely shot on the cameras of three iPhone 5s smartphones. A talented director became known among the Belarusian audience thanks to the Film Festival "Listapad". In 2013 he showed his film "Starlet" at the Moscow International Film Festival, and at "Listapad-2014" Sean Baker joined the jury "Youth on the March". His new film "The Florida Project" was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and entered the top ten films of the year according to the American Film Institute.

Willem Defoe, who played the role of "strict supervisor", for his career has starred in more than a hundred films and already has three nominations for "Oscar". About his role in the "The Florida Project" he says, "Frankly speaking, Bobby is not an outstanding person. He does not have any special talents. He's not even a very good motel manager. But he is compassionate, and this is expressed by his significance in the film".

The main character of the film – eight-year-old Brooklyn Prince – deserves attention too. The Playlist columnist called the young actress "a little superstar". In general, world criticism has very warm reviews on this film. The Irish Times called it "one of the greatest films about childhood", Film Journal noted the director, "Sean Baker is one of the most humane directors of our time", and the New York Times wrote, "It is a great talent to create such a delicate balance between breathtaking joy and broken heart".