BBC documentary “Earth: One Amazing Day” has got limited release at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. The camera crew of 100 people, best 38 cameramen of modernity visited 22 countries of the world and filmed incredibly beautiful pictures, which amaze by their scale and detail. You can see how our planet is amazing and wonderful on the big screen at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique from 22 March to 4 April.

v1.jpgA shot from the film “Earth: One Amazing Day”

The sun rises above the Earth and a lot of creatures start their day, full of touching, exciting and dangerous events. Iguanas are fleeing from venomous snakes, cute pandas are regaling themselves with bamboo shoots, giraffes are fighting for the heart of “bloofer-lady”… Life unfolds in African savanna, on desert islands in The Pacific Ocean, in Asian forests and on the seabed on the laws of suspenseful action film, sentimental drama or breathtaking thriller. Wonders have never been so close before.

The stage director of the film is a British director, screenwriter and producer Peter Webber. His debut feature film “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth, was released in 2003. The film got three nominations for “Oscar”, two for “Golden Globe” and ten for British Academy Award.

“Earth: One Amazing Day” is a sequel of two the most expensive documentary films “Earth” (2007) and “Oceans” (2009). There are no actors in the film, only voice over connects nature with human. The original version of the film has been dubbed by Robert Redford and Chinese version by Jackie Chan. The narrator of Russian version is a famous zoologist and traveller Nikolay Drozdov. The film will be also dubbed in Belarusian. The release date of Belarusian version will be published on