Truth Has Two Sides: Spanish Crime Thriller Film "The Invisible Guest" Will Be Shown On Big Screens

The spring will end with the appearance of an exciting psychological Thriller "The Invisible guest" in the cinemas of Minsk. The film of young Spanish director Oriol Paulo will tell us how the famous retired lawyer takes up the unpredictable and unbeneficial case. We will know if she is able to to solve it at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique on 31 May – 13 June.

18959.jpgA shot from the film "The Invisible Guest"

Adrian Doria, a successful businessman, has been accused of murder. She has hired Virginia Goodman, the country's best witness trainer, to prove her innocence. Adrian is under house arrest and a court hearing is tomorrow. Virginia visits him at the evening to come up with the best protection strategy. This is the last case for her and she is not going to lose it.

"The Invisible Guest" is the second feature film by screenwriter and director Oriol Paulo. In 2017, the film won the Portland Film Festival award. Paulo nominated for Best New Director at the Goya Awards and won the Best Film Award at the Fantastic Film Festival in Paris for The Body.

The main role in the Spanish thriller was played by Mario Casas, who attracted the love and attention of the viewer after the melodrama "Three Steps Above Heaven" and the drama "Ismael". The role of the businessman’s lawyer was played by the winner of three Goya Awards Ana Wagener. The victim in this complicated crime was the character of Barbara Lennie, who played in the film of Pedro Almodovar "The skin I live in".

The film crew describes this work with the director: "The Invisible guest" tells us about human instincts. About fears. Betrayal. Wrong decisions and their consequences. Justice. It's a police game with chases and unsolved secrets. It is a puzzle where the viewer is constantly getting new parts: some pieces match, and some do not. It was a great pleasure to work with Oriol. And we hope that the audience will have as much pleasure of watching the film as we had in the process of its creation".

A new film by Oriol Paulo impressed not only Spanish spectators, but also many film critics. "Everything is set for enjoyment" (Clarín). "Neurotic and constantly flirting with the absurd, but captivating and correctly filmed" ( "Although predictable at times, "The Invisible Guest" has enough twists and turns to keep you captivated until the truth is revealed" (Willamette Week).