Rebellion of youth – "Flower" starts in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique

The film "Flower" comes out in limited release in Minsk. It is a spectacular genre attraction, where a daring indie comedy about chilling youth is replaced by a crazy road-movie. This is the story of the growing up of a desperate Erika who is ready for the most dangerous antics, just to feel the real adult life. The passionate play of actress Zoe Deutsch became one of the main events of the New York Tribeca Festival, where the world premiere of the film took place. In Minsk, the flick will be shown in Falcon Club Boutique Cinema on 10 – 23 May. 

flower-movie.jpgA shot from the film "Flower"

Shameless and fearless Erica is ready for any antics, just to achieve her cherished goal. Erica has two gay friends, one unusual hobby and the whole California. Far from innocence fun changes when the stepfather acquaints Eric with his son. It seems that this clumsy and vulnerable guy does not have anything in common with the girl, but soon he will turn her life around, and good intentions will turn into a crime journey through the sunny expanses of the San Fernando Valley. 

"Flower" is the second full-length work of the director, screenwriter and producer Max Winkler. In 2010 he released his first film "Ceremony" with Michael Angarano and Uma Thurman in the leading roles. Winkler is also known for his participation in television projects "Brooklyn 9-9", "New Girl" and "The New Normal". "The emotional path that Erica passes goes through all the topics that I love in the films about growing up and restless youth. We still have no idea who we are, we are afraid to expose our vulnerability to others, we are making the long journey, trying to hide our pain, and anxiety, and sadness, and we are not letting anyone in", Max Winkler says. 

The main role in the film is performed by the rising Hollywood star Zoe Deutsch, already known for the roles in the fantasy "Academy of Vampires", recently released on the screens "Rebel in the Rye", and James Franco's picture "The Disaster Artist", which "Listapad. Collection" showed in March this year. 

"The role of Erica is a challenge, and the game Deutsch is one of the best at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017. A new stage in her career" ( "Hot, chill and very fine actor's work Deutsch" (