Love is punk: "How to talk to girls at parties" comes out in Minsk

The new film of "Listapad. Collection" will show how to flirt with aliens. "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" is a story of punk era teenagers, based on the same name short story by Neil Gaiman. The evocative, rebellious and at the same time sweet romantic comedy waits its viewer in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique on 31 May – 13 June and in Pioner cinema on 14-20 June.

18899.jpgA shot from the film "How to Talk to Girls at Parties"

It's hard to talk to girl you don’t know, and it’s doubly difficult if she’s a very beautiful alien who will leave London (and the Solar system) forever as soon as the intergalactic party ends. But a handsome rebel Enn is determined to hit alien’s dance floor and to make a small revolution along with the punk queen - the things one does for love! The protagonist has just to solve the main problem of the universe: how to talk to a girl at the party?

The premiere of the brilliant phantasmagoria of the director John Cameron Mitchell and the master of fantastic prose Neil Gaiman ("American gods", "Stardust") was held at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017, where the film was immediately called the musical "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

The works of John Mitchell made fans of classic Hollywood comedies stunned many times. And "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" is not an exception. Questioning traditions and condemning public opinion this film aims to remind us the true meaning of the word "punk". Actors, already familiar to the audience as masters of drama, open up from a new side, not afraid of destroying the fans’ attitude towards them. So, for Nicole Kidman, winner of the Oscar, Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Prize, the film became one of the most bold transformations after the "Rabbit Hole", also filmed by Mitchell.

John Cameron Mitchell gathered a truly star cast in his new film. An alien dreaming about the freedom of expression is played by Elle Fanning, MTV's Breakthrough of the Year nominee ("20th Century Women", "Maleficent"). A rising star of the melodramas Alex Sharp ("To the Bone") and a companion of the last Doctor Matt Lucas ("Alice in Wonderland", "Doctor Who") accompanied her.

A fantasy film about England of 1970s became a real discovery of the movie season for film critics: "It’s a refreshing tonic against blockbusteritis" (NPR). "Mitchell is a smart, skilled and, most importantly, ambitious filmmaker unafraid to dive into the quirkier aspects of this story" (Shadows on the Wall). "This film is an intriguing tribute to punk rock and sci-fi. It is so weird that it is pretty good" (The New Paper (Singapore).