Magic of simple life: “The Wonders” – new movie in Minsk cinemas

In the last weeks of May, the “The Wonders” by Alice Rohrwacher, a subtle and poetic story of growing up, first love and relationship with nature, marked by the Grand Prix of the 67th Cannes Film Festival will be shown in Minsk. In 2014, at the 21st MIFF “Listapad” the film received a diploma “For the Best Acting Ensemble”. The answer to the question of whether “to preserve the traditions or not” can be found by watching “The Wonders” in one of the three cinemas of the capital: “Centralny” from May 17 to May 19, “Pioneer” from May 17 to May 20 and Falcon Club Cinema Boutique from 17 to 30 May.

the_wonders.jpegA shot from the film “The Wonders”

A conservative father wants to protect his daughters from the dangers of the modern world by all means. Four sisters (the eldest one is just 14), live in their own fairy-tale kingdom on an Italian farm and continue the family business – the production of honey. But this summer will be special for everyone. One day a TV-diva (Monica Bellucci) comes to the province to make the reality show “Wonderland”. Meeting with her opens a beautiful new world for girls.

“The Wonders” is the second film of the Italian director and screenwriter Alice Rohrwacher. Her debut work “Heavenly Body” (2011) was based on her script and was positively evaluated by the jury of the Cannes Film Festival. The film received “Silver Ribbon” for the directorial debut. In addition, the first Rohrwacher’s film was awarded at the festival in Gothenburg. In 2012 the film received Ingmar Bergman prize for the “Best Debut”. On the diversity of themes in “The Wonders” Alice says that: “I wanted to make a hybrid film, talk about a lot of things. That’s why the main character grows up in a mixed family, where incompatible things combine with each other. There are several topics in the film which are really spoken out, but there are also some defaults in it. It is as simple as a stone in the water: you throw it, and circles are moving in all directions”.

One of the main roles in the film was played by the sister of the director Alba Rohrwacher. “It's much easier for me, because the imagination works the same way for both of us”, – that’s how Alice describes work with her sister. Another key role – the TV-diva Milli Catena from the show “Wonderland” – was played by the owner of two César awards and the prize of the European Film Academy, Monica Bellucci. 

Foreign critics warmly accepted the idea of Alice Rohrwacher’s film: “The Wonders” – it’s like a degustation of rural life’s nectar in Tuscany” (The New York Times). “The Wonders” is a thoughtful, but without tears, swan song, telling about the disappearance of the traditional way of life in Italy” (Hollywood Reporter). “Very beautiful and poetic echo of Fellini” (О