Director Kira Muratova dies at 83

Director and screenwriter Kira Muratova passed away on 6 June.


The crew of MIFF "Listapad" expresses deepest condolence to the family and friends of Kira Georgiyivna.

"Kira Muratova… So now we are among grey stones. “Without cinema”. “It is natural for a man to fall ill, to get older, to die… Nowhere to run", - that is what she said. Really, you have nowhere to run from this, no matter how far, painful, and desperate is the news about her death. Of course, cinema collects all the world’s memory, and till cinema is alive and we are alive, we will adore Kira Georgiyivna’s films with passion and care, we will try to cheer up with the fact that she’s alive in every single shot. But now all we have is emptiness and endless sorrow as we lost the irreplaceable mentor", said Igor Soukmanov, MIFF "Listapad" feature film program director.

If MIFF "Listapad" had ever welcomed the director with the works sharply reflecting the festival’s concept, that could only be Kira Muratova. Her films were nominated for MIFF "Listapad" Golden prize for five times, and it is an absolute record for the Minsk cinema forum. Every film – "Passions", "Chekhov's Motifs", "The Tuner", "Melody for a Street-organ", "Eternal Redemption" – was an event of cinema art and left everybody impressed really deep.