"Listapad" together with thirty other international film festivals entered an alliance on contribution to exchange in the cinema "Belt and Road Initiative". The signing of the cooperation memorandum marked the opening of the XXI Shanghai International Film Festival. "Listapad" Program Director Igor Sukmanov came back from Shanghai with preliminary agreement on the future joint projects, says that the document offers unlimited opportunities to the festival.

игорь.jpgPhoto by Ekaterina Artimenja 

Shanghai International Film Festival is one of the largest in China. It became a platform for festival visitors from all over the world this year – the cooperation memorandum was signed by International Film Festival representatives from Canada, Egypt, Greece, India, Italy, New Zeeland, Malaysia, the Philippines, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and other countries. The name "Belt and Road Initiative" refers to the Silk Road, which at its time provided communication between the West and the closed region of the East.

Shanghai Memorandum brings an economic formula to the cinema sphere and suggests promots culture exchange by means of films, organizing corresponding events, inviting alliance colleagues as guests.

"Memorandum gives us opportunity to knock at the door directly, expand contacts and establish intensive and rich cooperation, – says Igor Sukmanov. – There are some hints, though they are of working nature – we are building bridges with New Zeeland and China, there is potential of organizing joint special programs".

The signed document significantly offers opportunities to "Listapad" and makes positive contribution to the Belarussian film industry, as it proposes contribution to the national cinema distribution.

"So far the Belarussian films, both independent and "dependent", have stewed in their own juice to a greater extent. We have an opportunity to offer works for our colleagues which, in our opinion, develop the Belarussian cinema, – adds Igor Sukmanov. – It is worth mentioning that there’s a competition within the Film Festival in Shanghai – detached from the main international program, – targeted at the alliance countries. It means that we will be able to offer Belarussian motion pictures for participation next year".

In practice, contact expansion will make it easier to get films, which has no European distributor, will allow “Listapad” to invite representatives from Bulgaria, China and Poland as members of jury, lecturers and professionals for workshops and will open for selectors Chinese film industry - one of the greatest in the world.

Finally, international cooperation, started with the memorandum signing, will allow "Listapad" to promote itself all over the world.