The most beautiful film of the Berlin Film Festival is screened within the project "Listapad. Collection"

Love is everywhere, even in places where you least expect to find it. This will be shown to the Minsk audience by a screen novel about the relations of wholesale market members. You can watch the nominee for the Berlinale Golden Bear-2018, In the aisles, from the 2 to 8th August in the Pioneer cinema and from the 2 to 15th August in the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique.

20900.jpgA shot from the film "In the aisles"

Christian is a newcomer in the friendly family of a wholesale market. In the world of endless aisles, Christian meets "Sweets"-Marion. They have a chemistry between them, and the coffee machine becomes their regular meeting point. However, Marion is married, and Christian is too shy to take the first step.

The world premiere of "In the aisles" was held at the Berlinale-2018, where the film was nominated for the Golden Bear. Following the results of the International Berlin Film Festival, the picture was awarded the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury and the Prize of the Guild of German Art House Cinemas. For director Thomas Stuber, this picture was the third feature-length one in his filmography, as well as the third collaboration with the famous German writer and screenwriter Clemens Mayer. They share a common past. Both were born in the GDR and during the teenage years witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Many of Meyer's works tell about the fate of the eastern lands after the unification of Germany, including the collection of short stories "Night, lights", one of which served as the basis for the script of "In the aisles". The novella is autobiographical: after getting a general education certificate, the writer worked for three years as a forklift driver in a supermarket. In the film, Meyer came in with a cameo, playing the alleged husband of Sandra Hüller’s character.

Franz Rogowski, the rising star of European cinema, performed the main male role in the film. Following the results of Berlinale, he made the top 10 most talented and promising European movie stars and was awarded by the European Shooting Stars. German Joaquín Phoenix managed to star in the Happy End by Michael Haneke and the new drama Radegund by Terrence Malik, which is scheduled to premiere at year-end. In a duet with Rogowski, the popular German actress Sandra Hüller, known to the Minsk audience from the "Toni Erdmann", an Oscar bid.

Variety says, "Stuber comes to consoling, if hardly revolutionary conclusion: However unlovely and impersonal the conditions in which this modern world places us, we’ll find a way to fall in love". "In the Aisles is full of tender observation and humane empathy for its downtrodden protagonists", writes The Hollywood Reporter. "And this superfluous warehouse of the commodity world is only a backdrop. The people who move around discover themselves as people, not as consumers" (Die Welt).