''Crystal Swan'' Awarded The Main Prize of ''Coproduction. Okno Filmfest'' Contest at Vyborg Film Festival

Darya Zhuk’s film continues to collect festival awards. The motion picture was awarded the main prize at Vyborg Russian Film Festival "Okno Filmfest" in the “Coproduction. Window into World” contest and the prize of Russian Guild of Film Critics. Broadcast in Belarus starts on 30 August.

"Coproduction. Window into World" contest had 9 films created in coproduction with Russia, including Sergei Livnev’s family melodrama "Van Gogi", Andres Puustusmaa’s adventurous tragicomedy "Green Cats", animated fairytale "Hurvinek. Magic Game" and many other ones. "Crystal Swan" was a festival favorite and received a lot of riveting reviews of both press and viewers.

"Crystal Swan" is the best of what "Okno Filmfest" has shown during two first days. (…) Is is laconic and incredibly true in faces, details, phrases, plot… It is funny, scary, desperated and at the same time not a hopeless one", writes Olga Galitskaya.

"Crystal Swan" (…) is a new main film about our reality of 90’s after “Brother”. Now I’m going to have some rest, and you better remember this title",  critic Yegor Belikov writes on his Facebook page.

"The film "Crystal Swan" by Daria Zhuk − while the best that I saw at the Vyborg Festival... It seems that the screen is not a movie, but a clot of a living, untreated, dirty, sweaty, beggar life in which there is nothing to pay for the phone, and dinner every evening has to be poached in a nearby river… But Daria Zhuk's film is not a retro about the dashing 90's, but a saying about today's and eternal. This film is about the clash of dreams and reality, about the dictatorship of life and the thirst for freedom, about spiritual culture and the age-old, ingrained in the life of medieval savagery... ", comments Leonid Pavlyuchik.


The success of the picture in Vyborg finally nailed down the verdict of the jury. The performer of the main role Alina Nasibullina twice rose on stage to receive the awards.

The Russian cinema festival "Okno Filmfest" was founded in 1993 by the classics of the cinema Marlen Khutsiev, Savva Kulish and Mikael Tariverdiev. The creators of the flick have received 20 more invitations to the film forums in Germany, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Slovenia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Spain, Austria, Latvia, Ireland and USA. 

The pre-release show of the film in Minsk with the film's director will take place on August 27 at the Falcon Club Cinema Boutique. The premiere is on August 29 at the Moscow cinema, after which the film is released for a wide screening. Tickets are available on the ByCard website and at the cinema box offices.