A family comedy in Italian "From Naples with Love" starts on August 30th at the Falcon Club Boutique Cinema

An adventure comedy, where Naples citizens will spectate the main characters' adventures will be presented in limited release in Minsk cinemas. A flick "From Naples with Love", filmed in the Neapolitan streets with the participation of residents, bare the beauty of the "soul of Italy", becoming a visual tourist guide in the city. Passing the fascinating cinematic path from poor Sanit to rich Posillipo together with the heroes is possible from August 30th to September 12th.

napoletano_7.jpgA shot from the film "From Naples with Love"

Do you know what a real Neapolitan family is? It's many loving aunts, oddish uncles and even housemates, who already feel accepted like your family member on this celebration of life, and one little Ciro at all. He lives happily, except that the mother’s and relatives' excessive care are heavy thing. School psychologist Tommaso decides to help Ciro, but suddenly finds out that the boy's worries are not the fault of a big Italian family, but ... the first love. They conclude a secret agreement: Tommaso will help Ciro fall in love with a classmate, and Ciro will help the shy psychologist win round of his mother, classy and inaccessible Deborah.

The film "From Naples with Love" is the second director's work of the famous Naples comedian and writer of comedies Gianluca Ansanelli. The film received awards in the categories "Best Direction", "Best Actor", "Best Actress" and "Best Acting Debut" at the Italian cinema festival Cinecibo in 2016, and the Audience Award and "The Nastro d'Argento" in the nomination "For the best original song" at the Sabaudia Film Festival.

napoletano_9.jpgA shot from the film "From Naples with Love"

The performer of the main role, young Gennaro Guazzo, was recognized at the Russian-Italian Film Festival RIFF as the best actor of this year - the jury will tell him the future of the great comedian. The star of Italian cinema Serena Rossi ("Inspector Rex", "Caruso") performed the main female role in the comedy. The last film with her "Love and bullets" received the Pasinetti Prize for the best film at the Venice Film Festival in 2017.

“You do not need to go to the north of Italy: just go from one area of Naples to another and see that everything is different. Except that love which is the same everywhere and for everyone”, assures Italian site Il Roma. “This film is a real pearl. So light, simple and yet original and not like anything else. Too Neapolitan ... Too beautiful! ", writes Mymovies.it