“Listapad” is crazy about documentaries: One of the most popular sections “Films about Films” is formed

By a years-long tradition, “Listapad” and “Films about Films” section in particular suggests digging into the history of cinematography by means of documentaries. Roman Polanski, Michael Haneke, Brigitte Bardot, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jia Zhangke, Oleg Yankovsky, Tony Curtis had already been central characters of the big screens of Minsk.

This time the Film Festival could not ignore “a poem about poets” of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Audrius Stonys’s Bridges of Time. The motion picture, which focuses on several directors at once and their analysis of profession, narrates about the cinematography of the Baltic region. 

Bridges of Time wonders what life is like on the film footages of documentary makers, how sincere it is and how it complies with reality, how relations between an author and characters form, what compromises should be made, when you deal with someone’s life.


“Documentary filmmaking of the Baltics has always had its own face, its own tone, one cannot confuse it with something else. Baltic directors made it into the history of the world cinematography, Hercs Franks, for example, most his life shot films in Latvia, – says Irina Demyanova, Program Director. – Bridges of Times once again convince us that every film has “its turn to come”, as it grows with our experience, spent life, suppositions on “what will happen in my lifetime”. We watch it having already given up illusory hopes and expectations”.

Character of the film Parajanov Tarkovsky Antipenko. Light and Shadow by Andrey Osipov is Aleksandr Antipenko, one of the most interesting camera operators of the Soviet cinematography, who worked with Sergey Parajanov and made a huge amount of photos of his friend Andrey Tarkovsky. Some shots of the film are screened for the first time. The character reflects on work with the classics of the Soviet cinematography, relations between Tarkovsky and Parajanov are also touched upon in this film. Finally, delicately filmed picture line preserves the artistic image of Aleksandr Antipenko himself, who never settled in the modern cinematography.

In general, documentaries of this year will help to understand our time by analyzing the past. More than three hundred festival applications had been made, the directorate had reviewed choices of several dozens of film festivals. As the result, most selected works appeal to a person in the context of history, to his/her mentality, psychophysical limits, and self-identification.

“Documentaries will show how inseparable a person and a state are, how through exploration of personal life, which is interesting on its own, by observing a character and his/her surroundings we can understand the context of the European and even world history of the recent decades. They will also provoke questions: is a state merciful towards a person, how demanded are a gift, ambitions, kindness, and self-sacrifice”, – comments Irina Demyanova.

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