Opera Diva Maria Callas Returns to Big Screen in Color

For the first time after Pier Paolo Pasolini’s "Medea" release in 1969, Maria Сallas comes to a big screen again! The film "Maria by Callas" is released on 20 September. You can watch the documentary of director Tom Volf in three Minsk cinemas – in Centralny on 20-23 September, in Pioner on 20-26 September and in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique on 20 September  3 October.

19905_small_cr.jpgA shot from the film "Maria by Callas"

For the first time after 40 years of silence, the world-famous opera diva gave her permission for an interview. Rare shots, archive and personal photos – this is the history, the great Maria Callas speaking herself, and Marilyn Monroe, Alain Delon, Yves Saint Laurent, John F. Kennedy, Luchino Visconti, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly,Liz Taylor and many others together with her.

Tom Volf’s film reveals two sides of one person: Maria, fragile and lonely, she dreamed of starting a family and living away from all parties, and Callas, a star that surrounded herself with celebrities. The status of the opera diva turns out to be a burden: "The more strength Callas has, the more terrible Maria becomes…" A great romance between Callas and Aristotle Onassis starts in 1959. Maria starts to distance herself from the stage soon. Thus begins steady going down, during which her glory of an actress fades away and her dreams of a woman collapse.

There are no storytellers, invited experts, friends or relatives of the singer in the film "Maria by Callas". The singer talks about herself through earlier interviews and audio recordings.In search of various materials about Maria Callas, the film's director Tom Volf traveled the world for three years.

"I listened to almost all of her repertoire in one night, after that I had the idea to make a film about her work", says Tom Volf, the director of the film, in an interview.

Most of the materials that the director managed to collect will be presented to the general public for the first time. In addition, viewers will be able to see the film of 1970, which was considered lost for 40 years. Many of the well-known black-and-white recordings, supplementing unpublished archives, are restored in color for showing in cinema. Director Tom Volf has taken this step to get more attention to the figure of the opera diva of young viewers, who are used to color films.

The North American premiere of the film was in 2018as part of the International Festival in Toronto (TIFF-2018), the premiere in Russia took place at the 28th Film Festival "Message to Man".

The distribution is carried out within the project "Listapad. Collection".