International Film Festival's Laureate "Tomorrow" Starts In Minsk On 13 September

"Crystal Swan" success relay race is taken by one more Belarusian cinematographic masterpiece, praised by international film moguls — "Tomorrow" by Yulia Shatun. Best feature film of the 24th MIFF "Listapad" and four-awards-winner of 29th Marseille International Film Festival starts in its new version in Pioner cinema on 13 — 19 September and in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique on 13 —26 September. Within "Hall №4" project, the film will be presented by the director herself in Falcon Club Cinema Boutique on 13 September and in Pioner on 14 September.

920F7C8D-6C15-4AEE-A8B1-956BFF610841_cr.jpgThe shot from the film "Tomorrow"

The film "Tomorrow", recognized as a discovery of our cinema by Belarusian and foreign critics, is a drama of intellectuals' life in Belarusian boondocks. It follows a former English teacher from a small town who gains his livelihood by distributing leaflets to people’s letterboxes. He has a wife, a son who studies in Minsk, a flat in the midst of renovation and a festive lottery ticket. And it is this ticket, that for only a few seconds, gives him a chance to dream. "Tomorrow" is a mix of documentary and a fiction film, which is a tendency in today's world cinema industry. The main characters are performed by director's parents.

"All that is happening on the screen, except the line with a lottery ticket, is real  it is all about my memories and real life scenes, or scenes looking much like them", the director comments on her film. "It was last winter when my mom had to go to work to Kalinkovichi, the neighbour town. In Mozyr, people really buy clothes in instalments. And all the other scenes are taken from my memory, not imagination. Moreover, I lived in Mozyr with my mother while working on the script. So, I really merged into the context".

In June, the film received the First Film Award, the Renaud Victor Award (presented by a jury of Marseille Les Baumettes prison inmates), the Georges De Beauregard Award as well as the Marseille Espérance Award (presented by a jury of the Marseille Second Chance School students) of Marseille International Film Festival. Also, the film was presented as part of the special programme called "CIS Films" at the Armenian "Golden Apricot" film festival.

The film continues going from one international festival to another, also Cinema of France bought the rights to broadcast the film in France.

The broadcast is also planned in Belarusian regions. In Rodina cinema of Gorodok the film starts on 20 — 26 September.

The film will be distributed in Belarus by the Center for Visual and Performing Arts "ART Corporation" within "Listapad. Collection" project. Tickets are available on and in cinema box-offices.