«Worldwide year of lithuanian animation. The big tour» project

As a part of the cultural program of the XXV Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad” the presentation of a unique project “WORLDWIDE YEAR OF LITHUANIAN ANIMATION. THE BIG TOUR” will take place in the showroom of the Museum of the Belarusian Cinema History (subsidiary of the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus) at 15-00 on 4th of November. The project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuania’s independence and the future 110th anniversary of Lithuanian animation. 

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It is known, that Vladimir Starevich, a passionate entomologist, who decided to create movies about insects, created his first puppet animation feature called “Lucanus Cervus” in 1910 in Kaunas (Lithuania) and started to work on five more features, that he finished later in Moscow. The plan is that the “Worldwide year of Lithuanian animation. The big tour” project will be shown 110 times not only in Lithuania but in many other countries, commemorating this date. It’s voyage across the screens has already begun – is has been shown in Vilnius, Zagreb, Stuttgart, and now – Minsk.

Under this name, the project unites a retrospective of the best short and feature-length Lithuanian cartoons from different years and an exhibition of artworks created for them, providing a detailed representation of the theme and genre specifics and the individual stylistic expression of the Lithuanian animation. The retrospective spans across several generations of authors (both professionals and beginners) and consists of three parts – films for children, films for an adult audience and the debut or student films. The main part of the exhibit consists of various artworks by Lithuanian cinematographers such as Niele Valadkyavichyute, Ilia Bereznitskas, Yurate Leykayte-Ashkinene, Valentas Ashkinis, as well as caricatures by Zenon Shteynis.

The project is provided by the “Asifa Lietuva” association together with the Tindirindis International Animated Film Festival, Lithuanian Animator’s Guild and Lithuanian Cinema Center. It’s brought to Minsk with the support of the Lithuanian Embassy in the Republic of Belarus.

Before the project’s presentation there will be a conference at 14-00 that will be attended by the guests – producer, director and manager of the Tindirindis International Animated Film Festival Valentas Ashkinis, producer and director Yurate Leykayte-Ashkinene, professor of the Vilnius Academy of Arts and director of animation Ilia Bereznitskas, animated features and documentary screenwriter and the administrator of the Lithuanian Filmmaker Union Vidmantas Gaygalas.

Address: Museum of the Belarusian Cinema History, Minsk, Sverdlova str., 4

Working hours: daily from 11-00 until 19-00

Telephones for inquires: 8 017 327-10-75,  8 029 627-10-75

The price for the entry tickets for both the exhibition and the cinema parts of the project:

2    BYN – for children older than 6 years, schoolchildren and pensioners;

2,5 BYN – for students;

3    BYN – for adults;