Fourth Industry Days Platform Bel:Cinema will become a meeting place for the Belarussian and International Cinema

Within the 25th MIFF “Listapad”, events of the Industry Days Bel:Cinema will take place from 3rd to 8th November. The representatives of the Belarusian and international film industries will meet to discuss the current issues of filmmaking, the national cinema promotion in Belarus and outside. This time Film Studio “Belarusfilm” will become the main platform for the project.


“When the Industry Days were being created, we had a creative task to make it a meeting place for the Belarussian and international professional of the world of cinema. This year the dream will come true again: we see keen interest in the productive communication and desire to build a business interaction, both from private Belarussian producers and Film Studio “Belarusfilm”, and from the international film experts”, – says Lizaveta Bobrikova, Head of Industry about Bel:Cinema. – “Industry remains true to the chosen directions: education, fence mending between the Belarussian and international cinematographers, and promotion of the Belarusian cinema”.

For the Industry of this year, several key topics are distinguished. Together with the production Centre of Modern Culture “Beguschaya Cherepakha” (Running Tortoise), the participants will talk about the Belarusian film distribution, and independent experts of the international market will tell us about their experience of national films promotion. A dialog between private and state, national and foreign cinema on the topic of co-production of the Belarussian Film Studios with the international ones will take place on the “Belarusfilm” Film Studio.

The fourth Bel:Cinema will also allow the cinematographers to take part in a workshop by Valentas Aškinis, Head of the Animation Film Festival Tindirindis, and a workshop by Ronald Falzone, Screen-writer and Professor in the Columbia College Chicago.

Industry continues cooperation with Olesya Griboc, Belarussian Actress: an exclusive presentation of the second edition of her book Management and Promotion of a Film Actor will take place within Bel:Cinema.

In continuation of the last year initiative Day of Virtual Reality, together with the Studio of Immersive Decisions Feeling Digital a VR-Laboratory of Creative Projects will be held. The task of the VR-Laboratory is to introduce the possibilities of story creation in virtual reality and to give a clue on when to use it appropriately and effectively. The result of three-day work of the teams-participants and the mentors will be prototypes – the first steps in creation of a complete project for virtual reality. To take part in the event, fill in the form here. Application deadline is 20th October.

For the third time, documentary makers from the Baltic countries through the Black Sea countries will meet in Minsk on Story Development Workshop within the cooperation between B2B Doc and MIFF “Listapad”.

One of the most important events of the program will be an annual pitching of the projects. The selected directors and producers will present their projects to experts. Specialists of the international film market, representatives of festivals and industries of Europe will discuss the works and give practical recommendations. The participants will be able to compete for the sponsor prizes and festival accreditations. Fill in application here.

The variety of shapes and the contents of the events of Industry allows to build the most productive cooperation between the professionals of the cinema field. Bel:Cinema is a source of ideas and encourages forming of national film market and building of relations with other representatives of the industry.

Symbolically, the platform for Industry, aimed at the future of the cinematography and representing the progressive view of the films, for the first time will be a national film studio.

“We want to make it clear that the Film Studio is open for cooperation and is ready to its most unpredictable forms. That “Belarusfilm” is forging relationships and looking for partners and friends. That there’re big history and possibilities, and the Film Studio itself may become a place for realization of creative ideas”, – comments Vladimir Karachevsky, Director of “Belarusfilm”.

Partners of the Industry Days Bel:Cinema are the Feeling Digital Company, Crowdfunding Platform “Ulej” and Minsk Planetarium.

The founders of the MIFF are Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and Minsk City Executive Committee. The organizer of “Listapad” is Visual and Performing Arts Centre “Art Corporation”.

The general sponsor of the Film Festival is bank card “Shchodraya” Mastercard.

The official sponsors are “Kinovideoprokat” of the Minsk City Executive Committee, Falcon Club Cinema Boutique, Air Company “Belavia”, “Beltelecom”, official ticket agent “Bycard”. Powered by Belteleradiocompany, Film Studio “Belarusfilm” and Advertising Agency “Forte”.

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